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Work in several languages : Coefficient Actuarial Consulting can use four languages, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese (though less easily in Portuguese, at least for now). 

We did work and presentations on various actuarial topics around the world, since 2009, in these four languages.

Traditional and more advanced actuarial ratemaking and valuations in many lines of business (automobile, homeowners, travel, commercial lines, agricultural and farms, ...) since more than 25 years. Use of Predictive Analytics, GLM software and other advanced methods in ratemaking. Rate filings and related tasks. 

Predictive Modeling : Coefficient developed a vast expertise in these fields since more than 15 years (automobile, home, travel, ...) and outside the insurance field. We use a quality GLM software to do our analyses, among other methods.

Reinsurance analysis : Independent analysis of the reinsurance program, structure and cost. 

Wide experience and innovative ideas : you could be surprised by the diversity of our experience, and the usefulness of our ideas and work. Is this website only the tip of the iceberg ... ? 

At Coefficient, a considerable luggage of experience accumulated, day after day, month after month, year after year. Rome was not built on a single day. An intellectual baggage, an experienced « know-how » applied to practical situations, and we would like you to benefit from it. 

Using our services, you will get quality and a high ratio benefits/costs. Granted.

Resources : Mr. Germain Denoncourt, actuary, has more than 25 years of experience. Acccording to your needs and the project, he will be assisted by other actuaries and other specialists, as needed.

He works in 3 languages, English, French, Spanish. (and Portuguese, though a project in Portuguese may need another language too, we did one in the last months of  2019).

Short list of clients : insurance companies, reinsurers, various entreprises, associations, foundations, insurance regulators, other various national and international entities.  

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November 10, 2020 : I am pleased to announce Coefficient collaboration with Roch Lacroix and CCLX, Canadian Commercial Lines Exchange, for the actuarial aspects. I have a long-time working relationship with Roch, which began with the initial development of the CLEAR (Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating) tables used by the majority of Canadian insurers, for the classification of vehicles according to their statistical risk of insurance claims, based on Canadawide data. I bring my experience and expertise to CCLX and its members through my collaboration with my small firm Coefficient Actuarial Consulting. CCLX's primary mission is to provide new data and research services to help its members improve their competitiveness in the Canadian commercial insurance market, and I am proud to be an active and pragmatic participant in that mission. CCLX website can be found here :

September 2020 : in 2017-2020. Coefficient provided services to clients located, namely, in the following countries and regions of the World : Canada (Quebec, Ontario, ...), USA, Bermudas, West Africa, East Africa, Central America, Switzerland, Eastern and Western Europe, South America.

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Mr. Germain Denoncourt, FCAS, FCIA
Principal and Consulting Actuary

Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (USA) and Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries 
Coefficient Actuarial Consulting

Beloeil, Quebec province, Canada
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